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August 27, 2008


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You can use however you think is best :) I teach third grade so this would have been too laborious for them to each do, but if you find another use, awesome! Please share how it works for you!

Mrs. T


Haha, I just reread the post and realized it's a template for the *teacher* to fill out. Well... I would consider having the student fill it out. :oP :o) You can always check for "accuracy" later, heh.


Hm. Interesting idea. I like how it kinda doubles as a reflection since the student has to think back on the week. I also like how the student is responsible for reporting their own homework/behavior performance heheh. Naysayers might pick on how students could always forge the signature, but that's a separate problem that can be dealt with in its own ways. I'll think more about actually putting this to use. Thanks!

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